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Arkansas black £35 Sale

Arkansas Black apples are generally medium-sized with a somewhat flattened shape. Generally a very dark red on the tree, occasionally with a slight green blush where hidden from the sun, the apples grow darker as they ripen, becoming a very dark red or Black. With storage the skin continues to darken. Arkansas Black is one of the darkest of all apple cultivars, hence the name.  The flesh in good years is notably hard and crunchy when fresh, though it does soften somewhat with keeping. Fairly tart when fresh-picked, the apples mellow with storage. Arkansas Blacks are considered an excellent keeping apple, and can be stored for six months in appropriate conditions.

Pink Lady Apple Tree Sale cripps Pink

The Supermarket apple That every one loves From Kids to Grand Parents Sweet long Keeping Apple. £35

Asian Pears" Olympic" " Atago" Plus others sale £35

My Favourite Fruit Amazing Taste i had to include these for every one to try. Other varietys Availible.

Rare apples and Pears

Unique First and Last apple Sussex £25 plus others

First described in 1860 and so-named because of its long season of maturing, some apples ripening early, while others were later. Scott said the season was from September to May, with medium sized apples, ovate from the middle, tapering to either end. This is the ‘true pearmain shape’ that Hogg ascribes it. The skin is greenish yellow, prettily striped with scarlet and amber in the sun. Scott describes the flesh as yellowish, tender, sweet and brisk with a peculiar spicy aroma. We find it a bit firmer, but with a rich flavour, hinting of pineapple. An excellent Dessert apple, also useful for Cooking. Hogg said it was from Sussex, around Horsham 

Plus others Like Mayqueen , Winstone Ribston Pippin, Court pendu plait, Devonshire Quarrenden, Oreleans Reinette, all £25

Disease Resistance Modern Apples + Bardsey £25

Disease-resistant cultivars are highly recommended for organic growers, as well as for home orchards and community gardens because of the potential to reduce work load and reliance on Spray Programs. Bardsey A hardy disease-resistant apple, discovered growing on an island off the west coast of Wales is a great APPLE. Also Freedom , Mac Free, Sweet 16 Honeycrisp , Honey Crunch, Crimson Crisp, Rubinette Rosso, Liberty. Northern Pink Lady, RUBINSTEP,Enterprise, Eden, Jonagold, plus many others

Rare Cider and Perry Trees £22

We Stock an number of Rare and intresting Cider and Perry pears Including Pennards Bitter , Early Bird,  Prince William, Bulmers Norman, Yarlington mill, Black Dabinett, Fillbarrel , Hereford Redstreak and Hens Turd . Perry Pear trees are Stinking Bishop , Greenhorse,  Blackney Red, Newbridge, Moorcroft plus others


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